Aksa, which has carried out many successful projects in Turkey and around the world with the solutions it offers to healthcare, construction, mining and many other industries, has moved to its new building in İzmir.

As one of the top 5 generator manufacturers, Aksa Power Generation, which sells its products to 173 countries with its production facilities and trade centre located on 3 continents in the world, aims to be one of the first 3 generator manufacturers in the global industry. Aiming to serve in modern branches in this direction, Aksa carries out many successful projects with its knowledge and experience in every industry it has operated in for over 30 years.

Aksa Power Generation offers uninterrupted service
Aksa İzmir, which provides uninterrupted service to its customers 24/7 with its experienced teams, also closely examines and closely monitors the field scans and areas of activity in its region. Aksa İzmir office receives full marks from its customers in terms of service as well as its outstanding success in after-sales services.